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Playback Theatre is an improvisational theatre form, where the actors listen to personal stories of audience members and play them back spontaneously through sound, movement, mime, music, and more. The not knowing before-hand, of what stories will emerge and the unscripted approach to enacting them creates a high sense of play and brings forth our latent creative selves and actors and observers alike. With this uniqueness of hearing and enacting in the moment – the theatre performed is of “our” stories and not anyone else “out there”. This makes playback also a powerful intervention tool in different establishments and communities – from schools and local communities to hospitals and prisons and conflict-ridden areas.

It’s theatre
No, it’s a reflective space
No, No, it’s about enhancing your expression  
Oh no, it’s a space to listen – listen deeper to yourself
Ah! Its about exploring your creativity
Hmm, I think its about understanding the other
And, it is about inclusion and building community
Wow, it brings out the child in me, makes me want to play
For me,  it is therapeutic
And the list goes on

What can this experience be for you, some of the above, all of the above, none of the above or something beyond? Come and find out!

Join us on Oct 25, for a peek into the zone of playback theatre. An interaction with our playback theatre artist from Mumbai, Preeti BirlaNair. An interaction through dialogue, through play, through our stories, and what may emerge in that moment!


This pandemic has certainly shown us – that we can all make the best of plans and then “life” has its own plans! How do we respond to these unforeseen events that get thrown at us? What helps us meet life and what makes us turn away? What stories have I been telling myself, for we are made up of our stories.

Through facilitating your engagement with different games, exercise, techniques from improvisation, movement therapy, growth coaching and human process you are encouraged to drawn insights to your life while you also learning this unique art form of playback theatre.




Preeti BirlaNair

Preeti is Founder-Director empurple; an organization that creates spaces for individuals and organizations to connect with themselves through personal coaching, experiential workshops, and interactive-theatre performances.

She is a certified Personal Growth Coach from Coach Training Institute, CTI, and has trained in Playback Theatre from the Centre of Playback Theatre, NY. Her exposure to Creative Movement Facilitation (through Creative Movement Therapy Association of India) and Human Process work (through Sumedhas Academy for Human Context) adds to her work design.

An alumnus of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (2003); Preeti has been an HR professional for 15 years managing varied aspects of HR working in India and Singapore.

The Leela Kempinski, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Wockhardt, BG are organizations that Preeti worked within her HR career.

Her interactive theatre group, Mumbai Playbackers has performed at the Kala Ghoda Festival (2017 and 2018) and customized performances for corporates like Tata Management Training Centre, Liberty General Insurance, KA Education. The ensemble has ongoing open performances across the city at varied performing venues.

ITC, BG Group, Future Generali, Glenmark, TISS, IIM (Indore) are some organizations, where she has facilitated workshops customized to their need. Dealing with Uncertainty, Exploring Personal Leadership, Creativity, Building Empathy are a few examples of the nature of workshops. The workshops are designed to be experiential, involving reflection and dialogue.

Preeti is currently engaged in learning a social art form called Eurythmy and plans to bring this form soon for creating individual and social well- being in organizations.